Interior styling 


Interior Styling means “dressing” a home so that it looks great and feels fresh, current but not too trendy, beautiful but livable, all while still being functional and expressing the homeowner's taste.

With over 10 years of experience as a Certified Interior Designer, I have a resourceful and creative eye to help you create a space that feels like you.

As an Interior Stylist, my job is to recognize what works best for your needs and your personal style. I’ll be the sponge to absorb and reflect many different styles and trends, helping you feel more vibrant, joyful, and inspired in your own home. 

I specialize in residential homes and have experience with every room in the house: from bedrooms to living and dining rooms, from open concept floor-plans to the kitchen and even offices and playrooms!

When I work with my clients, it is based on their individual needs and dreams! I focus on the big picture, making sure you don’t end up with a room full of “things” that don’t work together.


There are several elements involved in interior styling while creating a space that is easy to use by all occupants of the home, and that is trendy but will not date quickly.

These elements involve:

Creating a new color scheme to suit the space, use of paint, wallpaper, and flooring as needed adding new textures into a room, Implementing clever storage solutions, optimizing the layout of the room, adding new furniture or replacing existing furniture with more suitable alternatives, using lamps and lighting to create an attractive yet functional lighting scheme and the use of soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs, cushions, throws and so forth.


My services include:


  • In-home Design Consultations

  • Color & Paint Recommendations

  • Flooring Recommendations

  • Furniture & Lighting Recommendations

  • Periodic in-home meetings to discuss and review progress

  • Professional Home Shopping

  • Installation & Delivery Coordination


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Buying a home is one of the largest investments a person will ever make.

When people looking to buy a home, they're also looking to buy a lifestyle.

They want to envision their new lives within the walls of that house. Real estate professionals such as myself know that buyers who make an emotional connection to a home are much more likely to purchase it.

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale.


When you stage your home, you define the space in essential ways, which offers potential buyers the opportunity to relate to the property and visualize themselves moving in, living, and entertaining there.  

Generally speaking, most buyers make a decision about a house during the first 30 seconds they're inside the property. If it`s staged, it creates a great first impression, which can make all the difference. Today's buyers are savvy and demand turnkey properties, another reason to present and market your home as being in move-in condition.


My goal is to give homes an edge in a very competitive market. My staging will help your property appeal to a greater number of potential buyers, making it sell faster and letting you command top dollar. 

home staging is about detailing, de-cluttering, depersonalizing, and neutralizing the color palette. It is the process of transforming a seller's home to give it that 'model home' appearance, and showcasing the property's best features. Staging techniques focus on improving a property's appeal by making it a welcoming, attractive home that anyone might want.


Let me help you maximize your home equity, showcase your property's best features, provide direct value for your investment, and capitalize on your property's true selling potential. 

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Property Management

Do you reside outside of Orange County, CA, and are looking for a reliable and experienced Realtor to manage your income properties? 


It takes a lot of hard work to efficiently run and manage the residential property. Tenants can be difficult, landlord-tenant laws are complicated, and property maintenance can be stressful. Having someone handling those problems for you can give you peace of mind. Property managers have many responsibilities: 

Advertise units, setting rental rates, negotiating and enforcing lease agreements, perform tenant screenings and periodic visits, addressing tenant complaints, and inspecting vacated units. Contracting and supervising repairs and maintenance work, collecting rent, dealing with late payments, and handling operating expenses.


As your property manager, I will ensure that the properties under my care operate smoothly. 

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